About Us

Joanell’s compassion, humor, creativity, kind and clear observation, and unfailing insight makes her an awesome coach. She can magically shine light on life’s gifts, possibilities, and potential paths forward. She is an essential part of my life raft!   Anne D, Consultant

The Approach

I offer therapy and coaching to clients who seek to make a lasting changes in their life and the world around them. My goal, using concrete tools I have developed from years of experience, is to help you to clarify what matters most, identify a meaningful and worthy path, and offer hands-psychological , emotional and spiritual support.

For coaching clients: I have a team of professionals to help you as you bring your dream to life, whether it be a new career, a philanthropic endeavor, a volunteer experience abroad, an artistic showcase, or the book you need to share with the world

For therapy clients: I use diverse methods to shift mood and perspective quickly, and follow you as long as needed to make effective long term changes.

My Story

I have been a licensed therapist for over 25 years and a personal coach for over ten. I am also a writer and worked in the non-profit world for many years. My work as a coach is driven by strong intuitive skills, a passion for social change, and a belief in the power of each individual’s gifts. My personal and professional experiences in creative endeavors, non-profit management and coaching leaders is broad. A few highlights include:

  • Created and led programs for high risk youth in small and large organizations for over fifteen years.
  • Consulted to small businesses, non-profit start-ups, academic medical settings, school districts, churches, publications, and arts organizations.
  • Treated over 300 mental health clients in public and private settings.
  • Taught human development at the university level.
  • Raised over a million dollars for various non-profits.
  • Supervised and mentored over thirty therapists and coaches.
  • Biological parent, adoptive parent, and guardian of a diverse and talented clan.
  • Coached dozens of creatives: writers, artist, actors, musicians and entrepreneurs.
  • Guided over 100 youth through the college application and choice process.
  • Public speaker.
  • Published novelist and writer.

The Team

I have a small administrative support team. In addition, I have a broad group of associates who understand and support my mission. The network includes therapists, financial planners, wellness coaches, publicists, literary editors, film-makers, event planners, travel leaders, writers, estate planners and even translators. Every associate on the list has been vetted. When you know who to call for help, it’s amazing what you can get done.

In house staff:

Casey O’Brien helps manage client intake, scheduling, events and other administrative tasks for Impactful Path’s therapy and coaching clients. She is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound and lives in Oakland, CA. She is proficient in Spanish as well as English.


My writing appears in many periodicals, literary journals, and related websites. My first novel was published by Wido in April, 2018. I also co-edited an anthology of women’s essays, published in 2021. (Her)oics is a bold collection of women’s pandemic stories published by Regal House Publishing.

More about my career as an author can be found here. http://Joanellserraauthor.com

Next Steps…

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