Individual Coaching

Joanell’s style is direct, informative and refreshing. Not looking to save the world all at once, or dig into your secrets , together we will consider your gifts, your passionate interests, and the dreams you keep on a back shelf. It’s time to bring those dreams forth.

Impact Mapping

If we take a hard look, and ask the right questions, we can assemble the puzzle that is your life…thus far. We call this Impact Mapping. We take this seriously (in a fun way) because we believe if each of us understood the positive impacts we’ve made, we would be happier. And we’d be more likely to do – well — more. Let’s work together, through a questionnaire, personal coaching and surveying those closest to you, to get a complete picture — a picture otherwise known as your “Impact Map.”

Project Consultation

We’ll help you make it happen – from brainstorming to enactment. we’ll help you build the team you need, make the dream real, and use our combined media skills to bring your project the attention it deserves. Which is a lot, because, after all, we’re sharing your legacy.


Join the Impact Club

Once you’ve come aboard, you’re not only our client, you’re in the club. We’ll call on you to share your expertise with others, if you wish, and connect you to anyone we work with whom we believe has a value resonance with your project. We believe in the power of a group of like-minded people.

Next Steps…

Send us an inquiry, and we will reach out with an introduction letter and very brief survey. Assuming we think we can help, you’ll be offered a complimentary twenty minute call with Joanell. If it’s a match on both sides, we’ll start with four sessions, with the impact map and survey included.